We’re extending our Whitelisting period and ICO dates!

Hello, Grapevine community! We’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

This past week has been a great ride for us, as well as for our project to fix the broken healthcare landscape. First of all, we successfully kickstarted our airdrop campaign, significantly growing our community and creating awareness for the Grapevine World project.

Second, we managed to get some serious exposure and media coverage, including this great article in The Bitcoinist, as well as the participation of our team in several blockchain events around the world.

And third, we’ve got great pilots onboard with some very well-known tech and healthcare companies, key to the concretion of our goals! And one more thing: we have great news we will announce in the next days. Grapevine won a tech giant that will help us realize our vision of healing the broken data flow in healthcare.

Because of all these extraordinary news, we’ve been compelled to extend our whitelisting period (with a 30% token bonus!) for two extra weeks. During this time, we’ll continue to build partnerships, participate in events, and grow our community.

Here are the new dates to bookmark:

  • Our whitelisting will last until the 4th of July, at 11:59 am CEST. Remember, you’ll get a 30% token bonus during this period!
  • ICO will then take place 4th of July 02:00 pm CEST — 15th of August 02:00 pm CEST.

We cannot elaborate enough on how excited we are to revolutionize the healthcare industry; as well as to meet new followers and investors every day.

Stay tuned, and follow our Telegram chat for more news!

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