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Trillions of dollars are spent in healthcare around the world each year, with more health data being generated than ever before. Yet some of the most meaningful data is still inaccessible and incomplete.

Healthcare, a hyper-competitive industry has translated into a field where every company, person or institution is on it’s own, resulting in incompatibility; which in turn slows down the industry’s growth.

Fixing the problem

Complex issues rarely have simple solutions. But, in a world where new technologies are slowly being implemented to empower healthcare stakeholders; organizations like the AMA (and Grapevine) are bringing some more light.

Through the creation of the IHMI (Integrated Health Model Initiative), the American Medical Association has reunited the healthcare and technology stakeholders to work towards a common goal: unleashing a new era of better, more effective patient care.

According to the AMA’s website, “The IHMI supports a market-informed, continuous learning environment to enable interoperable technology solutions and care models that evolve with real-world use and feedback.“ This includes:

  • Creating collaborative communities around costly and burdensome clinical areas.

But, how does this work in real life?

As is generally the case with such initiatives, progress relies on the community’s capability to adapt to whatever resources are available. In the case of the medical ecosystem, organizations such as Grapevine have found ways to take advantage of the newest trends in technology and finance to attract investors; introducing an original twist to the system.

However, organizations like ours are still rare, which is why the AMA came up with an idea to incentivize innovation: a contest.

Enter the Health Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge

After realizing that the main gap to bridge in the medical ecosystem, is the one that separates physicians from the rest of the ecosystem, the AMA decided to create the Healthare Interoperability and Innovation Challenge (HCIIC). Their logic is simple: If doctors are enabled to incorporate new technologies into their workflow without issues then mass adoption is more likely to happen.

Medical Data plays an extremely important role in the medical community, with it resting in the epicenter of any change required to advance the healthcare industry. At Grapevine World, we’ve dug deep into this matter to understand that we’re entering a new era of information: one where interoperability is key for medical data to unleash its full potential.

Our initiative not only allows the medical ecosystem to solve the ever-present problem of interoperability and access to data, but also creates a token economy that, in the long run, will accelerate and improve the way healthcare is provided all over the world.

How (and Why!) to Support Grapevine World in the HCIIC

If you’ve been following our project, you should know that at Grapevine World we stand for true decentralization and neutrality in the healthcare ecosystem. We’re also starting our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the 4th of July, and feel honored to participate in a project involving the AMA and the advancement of the IHMI.

Investors from all over the world have shown strong support for our initiative and, with all certainty, having Grapevine in 1st place of the AMA contest will result in tremendous exposure for us. You can also help us get $25,000 in Google Cloud credits!

Voting is as easy as going to, creating an account, and clicking on vote. We’re looking forward to receiving your support!

Remember, if you join our Whitelisting before July 4th, 2018, you will also receive a 30% discount on our tokens. Join now at the Grapevine World Token website! 😉

You can also join the growing Grapevine World community on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

We’ll see you soon with more exciting updates about our project!

Decentralised, borderless ecosystem for seamless, standardised exchange of healthcare data

Decentralised, borderless ecosystem for seamless, standardised exchange of healthcare data