Three Seasoned Executives Join Grapevine as Advisors

We are excited to welcome three new advisors to Grapevine: Michael B. Bayer, Fredrik Lindén and Yagub Rahimov! We feel confident that they will prove to be invaluable to Grapevine’s success as we approach our upcoming ICO on June 20th.

Fredrik Lindén

Fredrik Lindén

Fredrik has extensive domestic and international experience in eHealth and the healthcare industry, as well as a deep understanding of its key business drivers. He has a diversity of skills in the eHealth field, and is also recognised as a distinguished international leader in a multidisciplinary environment.

Fredrik has always been driven by a strong social mission and a desire to improve the efficacy and efficiency of healthcare systems; mainly by improving the eHealth solutions ability to connect scientific research and healthcare delivery. He was a project coordinator of the European eHealth project epSOS, the forerunner of the current implementation of national contact points for healthcare across Europe.

Upon joining Grapevine, Frederik told us: “I find the progress of interoperability too slow in healthcare. Something truly global is needed to really put the patients in the center and put our data to work. The Grapevine team and its reach are the best bet there is to make this happen in a foreseeable future.”

Michael B. Bayer

Michael B. Bayer

Michael brings with him more than two decades of experience in the high-tech industry. His deep understanding of multiple technologies, global markets, large enterprise operations, and a passion for digital innovation are expected to be indispensable as Grapevine continues to hone its go-to-market strategy.

Michael B. Bayer spent the bulk of his career running organizations and operations addressing the needs of complex industries, including Service Providers, BPOs, Governments, Retail, T&L and Financial Services. He has a strong track record in successfully leading global enterprises, as well as implementing and operating of large-scale initiatives. Most recently Michael was an Executive Vice President and Executive Director at NCR. In this capacity he was responsible for their global x-industry sales and field marketing forces, and had run their Retail Division prior to this assignment. Throughout his career he held different senior positions in tech companies like Cisco, Symbol Technologies and Avaya.

Michael’s leadership skills in managing macro projects will be instrumental in helping us drive our strategy, as we target different markets across the globe. And, with plenty of experience in marketing and sales, he’ll be a great asset upon connecting Grapevine with potential partners and institutions!

Yagub Rahimov

Yagub Rahimov

Yagub Rahimov is the current CEO of 7Marketz, a leading full-service digital marketing agency which targets tech startups. He is also a serial entrepreneur running 19 Fintech businesses, a philanthropist, and an early Bitcoin investor. His expertise in blockchain marketing is backed up by his blockchain smart news platform; the first of its kind in the world being powered by AI.

Over and above that, he has received several nominations for ‘Best Trader of the Year’ Awards, and has been a host at over 1600 events. Yagub has over 10 years’ experience in Financial Markets, and currently sits as an advisor in over 30 leading ICOs. He also co-founded two nonprofit social enterprises, as well FinTech training centers in Africa, Europe and Asia.

As a highly sought after specialist in project management and ICO advisory, he focuses on strategy, compliance, technology, media and market development. These and other valuable characteristics, make Yagub an ideal asset both to our ICO and overall mission!

Words of Gratitude

Following these new additions to our team, our CEO Martin Tiani said “As we seek to optimise our go-to market strategy, having a team of renowned visionaries with solid experience in their respective fields will definitely augur well for us. We expect to leverage on their skillset as we embark on our mission to standardise data transfer across multiple verticals.”

If you’d like to get more information on our ICO and the overall project, please visit our website. You can also contact us and get your questions answered on our official Telegram chat. We’ll see you soon with more exciting news about the healthcare revolution!

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