Startup World Cup is inviting Grapevine to Grand Finale 2019

2 min readMay 14, 2019


Out of 12,000 (!) candidates worldwide, Grapevine is one of 40 who is invited to the 2019 Grand Finale of the Startup World Cup in San Francisco showcasing and competing for additional investments.

The Startup World Cup is a global conference and competition that brings together the top startups, VCs, entrepreneurs and world-class tech CEOs. Grapevine was one of few cherry-picked startups worldwide that competed and won a regional event that qualified us for the great finale with 1,000,000 USD investment prize.

Big brands, big names and Grapevine in the middle

The list of last year’s speakers and competition judges includes Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder of Apple), John Chambers (Former CEO of Cisco, Founder and CEO of J2 Ventures), Reid Hoffman (Founding CEO of LinkedIn and Partner of Greylock Partners) and many more.

Confirmed speakers from this year are Tim Westergren (Founder and Former CEO of Pandora), Ray Lane (Former President & COO of Oracle), Neil Hunt (Former CPO of Netflix), Terry Jones (Founding Chairman, and again many more.

Organized by Fenox Venture Capital, the Startup World Cup allows to network with top tier investors, to develop further corporate partnerships and to be face-to-face with industry-leading experts.

“The invitation itself is already a big compliment and a great honor. I feel encouraged and reinforced in the intention to enable better and faster healthcare with the help of our standardized ecosystem. I am looking forward to new business development opportunities and to meet with some of our business partners with whom we are currently finalizing great data interoperability projects worldwide.”, says Martin Tiani, Founder and CEO of Grapevine World.

Last year’s winner of the Startup World Cup, Leuko Labs, is also operating in the health sector and has shown the importance, the need and the high demand from investors in this fast growing and life-rescuing sector.

The Startup World cup takes place from May 15–17 at the iconic SF Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco.

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