Join us for a live Q&A with Ivan on Tech and win $3000 worth of tokens!

Date: 2nd of July, 2018

Time: 5pm CEST


Hi Grapevine community! On the 2nd of July, 2018 at 5pm CEST Ivan On Tech (one of the biggest crypto influencers on YouTube) will be hosting a live Q&A with our Co-Founder, Wernhard Berger. Join us to ask any questions you have about the project, as well as win some awesome prizes!

The Prizes

  • 10 Ledger Nano S
  • $3000 worth of GVINE tokens to 30 lucky winners ($100 worth of tokens to each winner)

How to Join the Prize Draw

To qualify for the prize draw, make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Join us for a live Q&A with “Ivan on Tech” on July 2nd, 2018 at 5pm CEST at
  2. Retweet the video on Twitter with Hashtags #GrapevineWorldICO #HealthcareRevolution
  3. Share the video on Facebook with Hashtags #GrapevineWorldICO #HealthcareRevolution
  4. Comment on the video (ask us a question or let us know your thoughts on Grapevine) with hashtags #GrapevineWorldICO #HealthcareRevolution
  5. Register for the Grapevine Whitelist
  6. Complete the Grapevine Competition Form. You will need to provide your name, email (same one you used for joining the Grapevine whitelist), Youtube username, Facebook post URL, Twitter post URL, ETH wallet address (do NOT provide an Exchange address, as you will not be able to receive your tokens. The tokens will be credited to your wallet after the ICO is finished).

Important note: You have 2 days to participate in this promotion for a chance to win prizes, starting on 2nd of July, 2018, 5PM CEST (during the livestream) until the 4th of July, 2018 2PM CEST.

Prize Draw

  • The prize draw will take place live on the 9th of July at 5PM CEST at on the official Grapevine YouTube channel.
  • If you miss the live prize draw the results will be announced on the official Grapevine Telegram group and social channels shortly after the live stream.
  • Winners will also be contacted by email (the email you specified in the Grapevine Competition Form) with further information and details. If there is no reply from the winner within 5 days of the prize draw, new winners will be randomly selected.

Looking forward to connecting with you on the 2nd of July, 2018! If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to join our Telegram — Don’t forget, our ICO starts on the 4th of July, 2018. We look forward to your support in joining us in a healthcare revolution!

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