Grapevine World: How We Plan to Build a New Health Economy

Grapevine World: How We Plan to Build a New Health Economy

It is without a doubt that the healthcare industry will be revolutionized by blockchain technology. Grapevine World is utilizing this technology and focusing on one of the most important industries in the world; healthcare.

Who is Grapevine World?

Grapevine World aims to bring harmony to the current chaotic and unconnected system of data storage in the healthcare system. Grapevine will enable the connections of all medical data without ever owning it or storing it in their databases. At the same time, our data has value. From this data, essential medical research can be made, while the healing power of data is not being used to its maximum potential. Grapevine World is here to change this.

What is the problem?

Healthcare is not limited to one organization or one doctor. Every individual has several medical institutions and personnel which span across hospitals, dentists, paediatricians and more specialized care.

During a health emergency or even through any medical consultation, one of the vital parts of the process is an accurate medical history. According to the WHO’s (World Health Organization) report in 2017, assessing progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, lack of empirical data is one of the major obstacles for formulating the necessary policy to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.

That is mainly because of lack of interoperability between different systems. The hospital’s data is in a different format than the local doctor’s data, any medical emergency away from home prevents access to medical data, and so on. This leads to errors in medical prescriptions and on-the-spot medical decisions.

Furthermore, research institutions need demographic information in order to make research. These institutions need characteristic details of patients (sex, age, height etc) but not their private information (i.e. name and location) in order to use this data. Currently this process is very costly, there is a lot of litigation involved and consequently, a lot of research is just halted.

How does Grapevine World offer the solution?

With the Grapevine Token, all patients will have control of their data through a decentralized platform which will access the existing databases based on the International Healthcare Enterprise methodology.

Grapevine’s platform will connect and make the process of people sharing their data across the globe easy while rewarding the users. With a click of a button, a research institute, or medical facility will be able to request patient’s data. The patient then has the choice to reject or accept this offer to share his data anonymously.

Meanwhile, from the institution’s point of view, Grapevine will offer an open environment where data and information can be made available to other players in the industry such as universities, pharma, technology companies, medical device manufacturers and Healthcare Provider Organizations (HPOs). Their costs in order to acquire this information will drop significantly thanks to Grapevine.

How does the Grapevine token work?

The Grapevine Token (GVINE) will be used on the platform as a means of exchanging value. Institutions will be able to purchase GVINEs and use them on the platform to pay patients to access their data. Patients will the be able to use their GVINEs for different products and services in the medical sector, such as apps, gadgets and medical advice and care.

Why does Grapevine have great potential to succeed?

Grapevine is based on the IHE methodology, which is a proven set of data exchange standards used for decades as the foundation for successful collaborative frameworks in the healthcare industry. Most of Grapevine’s competitors are focusing on building databases, while Grapevine will be utilising existing databases and standards. This gives Grapevine a HUGE advantage.

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The healthcare data market is a huge one, it is currently at an estimated at $54 billion and expected to reach $123 billion by 2023, and we aim to capture a significant portion of this market.

Market potential: health data access, exchange and utilization

Grapevine will offer an advanced, decentralised, borderless and secure healthcare data system which will immensely improve all healthcare operations and ultimately patient care across the globe.

Our ICO will begin on the 4th of July, and the whitelist will open on the 5th of June. Interested investors can participate through the official website.