Blockchain-Powered Solutions For Healthcare: What Makes Grapevine A Leader

5 min readAug 14, 2018


No sphere of our life deserves as close attention and care as our health. Our physical and psychological well-being determines the overall productivity and success we gain in other areas. That’s why modern society, including technological innovators, is highly concerned about the issue of qualitative healthcare services. With the advent of the revolutionary Blockchain technology, the aim of promoting healthcare prosperity gains new momentum. At Grapevine World, we leverage the power of blockchain for the effective development of medical institutions. Together with other participants in the global ICO community, we strive to bring improvements and innovations to the healthcare universe, but several significant features make our project truly unique and stand out from the rank and file.

Grapevine Philosophy

The idea of building the Grapevine project is based on the pressing problem of diverse, uncoordinated and unconnected data sources and systems in the healthcare industry. Cases of cancer detection or accident are recorded every 5 minutes worldwide leading to tan endless flow of data-rich medical records stored in different hospitals, medical centers, private clinics, and emergency rooms. The chaos of the overloaded healthcare record systems has caused a global interoperability catastrophe. Procrastination with the solution could come at the price of human lives.

Our ingenious team has accepted this challenge and set about bringing order to the healthcare industry. By implementing the innovative ecosystem for the seamless exchange of medical data in a standardized, secure manner, we have broken data barriers and built a new health economy, thereby saving people’s lives.

Our Rival Mates

On the ICO market, you can find many healthcare blockchain projects keen on improving the medical service, including Etheal, Solve.Care, MedicalChain, SimplyVital Health, etc. These companies try to advance care solutions by means of effective communication and data sharing, and reduce data interoperability and insufficiency issues causing outcomes as overpayments, medical inefficiency, system fraud, not to mention tragic incidents which have grown in number recently. The main focus of their activity, as well as ours, is healthcare data sharing and storage. To be more precise, Etheal creates a platform and connects doctors with patients, as well as provides an open platform for additional apps/use cases; Solve.Care works on healthcare administration progress improvement; MedicalChain creates a new blockchain enriched health record and connects potential stakeholders; SimplyVital Health connects different healthcare providers by using their unique protocol without building a new EHR. These projects are united by the intention of connecting all parties involved in the healthcare process. For fulfilling this purpose, they entirely rely upon the blockchain. However, this common tendency causes several serious disadvantages:

  1. Blockchain is a decentralized, distributive technology where all data are stored in open access. This means each participant of a particular chain has access to personal information of other people. It is clear, medical records are highly sensitive data that should not be put on the public blockchain. You can hardly find a person willing to share his/her diagnoses and lab tests with strangers. The aforementioned projects doesn’t support the functionality to privatize personal data of users unlike ours does.
  2. Due to performance reasons, the blockchain is not suited for storing big data files (i.e. MRT is several gigabytes). Considering patients conduct a large number of diagnostic procedures and examinations, the blockchain is not able to maintain these enormous loads of records.
  3. Storing data on the blockchain means you have to put it there. Most of the current healthcare stakeholders are not able to do this from a legal point of view. From organisational, political points of view, this process is time-consuming and intricate.
  4. The majority of our competitors have the same destructive model of storing healthcare data, but we have figured out how to overcome these pitfalls, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to the fullest without violating security issues.

Unsurpassed Grapevine Solutions

Our initiative is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant; its privacy and security principles are fundamental for us. Plus, we are the only company, from the above mentioned list, using IHE methodology. The information exchange driven by IHE standards is enabled by the Ethereum blockchain granting economical and efficient data sharing solutions. In our project, we synergize IHE and blockchain communities to achieve a globalized health data exchange, and from it, the shift to practically any industry relying on data exchange can be made. The key to Grapevine World uniqueness is we do not own or store any patient’s personal information on our databases. We simply use the existing ones based on IHE methodology. Grapevine World creates a medium for all participants to join and benefit from, reducing information acquisition costs and securing data flow all over the world.

Thanks to this approach, we promote unified data sharing ensuring patients get treatments with low risks of medical errors caused by lack of information or the patient’s anamnesis. Our platform not only solves the problems of data interoperability among different institutions, but it also paves the way to further innovations and initiatives in sectors as Healthcare Information Exchange, Data Utilization, Contract Research Organizations, Public Health and Second Opinion.

Finally, preservation of the healthcare structure makes Grapevine especially in demand these latter days. Our IT architecture seamlessly integrates with existing legacy systems, retaining the instruments healthcare participants (medical staff, patients) have in production at the moment. We’re exploiting existing, proven technology to the fullest.

The Golden Mean

Application of our platform in healthcare cannot be underestimated. In a world with fragile human life susceptible to diseases and accidents, the speed of medical help provided and the expertise with which it’s provided play a crucial role. This rapid response relies on incoming data which should be precise and complete. At the same time, we should understand people are concerned about their privacy, and it’s their legal right. To balance between interoperability and security leveraging these aspects in the patient’s favour, our Grapevine team continues inventing truly unsurpassed solutions.

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